There is a long standing myth that aerobic exercise, otherwise known as cardio in the inner sanctum that we call the gym or fitness center, is the absolute Holy Grail […]

The question isn’t if the program works, it’s really… are you willing to make a commitment to work out for 90 days and follow the P90X diet plan. If you […]

Isn’t it amazing how some of the most simple and beneficial things in life are ignored by the ‘mass of Man?’ I’m betting this has to do with the needlessly […]

The chin up is without a doubt my favorite body weight exercise. If you’re not doing chin ups in your training right now, well, I suggest that you start, because […]

Our bodies contain around a quarter billion muscle fibers which can be divided into Type 1 (slow twitch), and Type 2 (fast twitch). Slow twitch fibers are endurance oriented, where […]

Do you want to lose 15 pounds in two weeks or less? Well a goal to lose fifteen pounds in two weeks isn’t that hard. It’s possible for you to […]